4-K Early Start


West Highland Christian Academy is pleased to announce the creation of an Early Start Program for the fall of 2019. This program is specifically designed for students ages 4-6. Parents who enroll their children in Early Start can expect their children to be exposed to reading, writing, science, math, art, and Bible. This content will take the form of class activities, class discussions, and labs. Early Start is led by two experienced WHCA teachers.

The program will run from 6:45 AM to 8:15 AM Monday-Friday. Older enrolled students are invited to participate in our Extended Day program. These older students will be placed in a supervised Study Hall room, adjacent to the Early Start classroom.


  • Provide an additional educational service for enrolling families.*
  • Provide a Biblically based learning program for children of parents who currently enroll their young children in Day Care.
  • Expose younger students to academic content to which they currently have limited access. Reading, writing, art, science, and math are all topics students will work with.
  • Expose younger students to Biblical content to which they currently have limited access. Bible stories in the form of Bible reading, films, cartoons, and crafts will all be an integral part of Early Start's curriculum.
  • Teach young students social skills that are essential for lower elementary students. Taking turns, speaking in class at appropriate times, sharing with their peers, speaking appropriately to peers and to their authorities, are all vital aspects for every student's social growth.
  • Move young students right into a Kindergarten class allowing them to experience an even richer learning experience. Half-day and full-day Kindergarten is available.
  • Provide a before school and after school Extended Day program for students of any age.

*Program participants must be enrolled students at WHCA and meet all the requirements for enrollment at WHCA. Students will be placed in an annual tuition plan for the Early Start and/or Extended Day programs chosen and payments will be due and payable through our tuition management system.