Letter From Grandma

Being aware of the sorry state of our public school system, I was thrilled when my daughter and son-in-law opted to homeschool their two children.  Like most grandparents, I think that my grandchildren are pretty special!  Fearful of the influences of the liberal public educators, I was relieved that, by being homeschooled, my grandchildren would not be exposed to those negative influences. 
However, things did not go quite as planned.  When learning difficulties grew into behavior problems and a 'bad attitude' for my grandson, private schooling became an option.  After researching many private schools, it was narrowed down to just two.  And, for both Jason and his parents, West Highland Christian Academy was the first choice, hands down! 
Fortunately, WHCA quickly recognized that Jason is dyslexic, and their knowledgeable staff has made a profound difference!  Not only has Jason acquired many new learning skills, perhaps more importantly, he has also found self-confidence and self-worth;  not just through his academics, but also by being in an environment that promotes wholesome values and a love of Christ. 
When you walk the halls of WHCA, you will see the younger children interacting comfortably with the teenagers.  You will not see or hear the actions or language that you do in today's public schools.  The children treat not only the teachers and staff with respect; they show that same respect for one another as well. 
It's evident that the administrators and the teachers love their work and that they love our children.  We are truly blessed that our children are in their very competent hands. They show great patience with the students, even when discipline is required.  Unlike the public schools, the children are made responsible for their actions, and taught that a lack of Christian values will not be tolerated.  WHCA is indeed helping us to raise kind, thoughtful, and respectful children who understand the importance of Christ in their lives!
I was surprised the first time I attended a Friday morning worship.  I truly expected to see several bored kids, wishing they didn't have to do this.  What a pleasant surprise!  The students were attentive, the message was wonderful, and there was absolutely no indication that anyone had not enjoyed their time in worship. 
Our family is so grateful to WHCA, the teachers, and especially to Mrs. Grimm, our principal.  Their skills, love for the children, and ability to share with our children their love for Jesus Christ makes a difference every single day!  This is Jason's third year here, and we are very pleased with his progress, both academically and spiritually.
Not only does Jason attend WHCA, his younger sister, who continues to be homeschooled, now attends part-time.  Both are in 7th grade - a time that can be very difficult for many children - and a time that I feared having my grandchildren attending any school.  But WHCA has so impressed our family, that we see attendance here not as a detriment to their well-being as public school may well be, rather as one of the most positive experiences they could possibly have as they enter their teen-age years. 
I would encourage any parent to consider the benefits that WHCA can provide.  I would also encourage parents, grandparents, and other family members to be active in the school and to get to know the staff.  Not only have my grandchildren and their parents benefited from being a part of the WHCA family; I have found friendship and fellowship with many of the parents and grandparents of other students. With the help of their wonderful staff, and with God's Blessings, we confidently look forward to Jason and Julie completing their k-12 education at West Highland Christian Academy, where God's work is accomplished every day!
In His Name,
Peggy Miller