West Highland Christian Academy is a beneficial resource for homeschoolers.

Have you been homeschooling an elementary student and need a change? Then WHCA could be for your family. We offer small elementary class sizes and combined grade classes.

Does your secondary student need socialization or a different teaching style? WHCA provides a safe environment for students to interact with other students.

A secondary student may also take classes as a Dual Enrollment Student (DES). It depends on the scheduling for the current year and staff as to whether a class is offered daily or in a block schedule.

A student in grades 7 – 12 may take a class so that they may participate in a group sport.  WHCA offers fall soccer (co-ed) for grades 4-12 and winter basketball for girls (grades 6-8) and boys (grades 9-12).

WHCA offers standardized testing in April for students K – 8th grades. We welcome students to participate in the testing.

WHCA also offers the PSAT in October for sophomores and juniors.

Standardized testing is a method you may wish to use to measure your student’s progress.

Please call the WHCA Office at 248-887-6698 for information concerning cost and dates of testing.