Application and Enrollment

  1. Review the 2-Step Application and Enrollment Process.
  2. Complete Online Application and pay the application fee. (One-time for new students ONLY)
  3. Complete Online Enrollment and pay the enrollment fee. (Annually for every student)
  4. Students and parents read the Parent/Student Handbook and Policy Manual.
  5. Provide copies of Academic Records. Report cards, standardized testing results, accommodation reports (IEP/504), and pastoral recommendations are requested.
  6. Attend an orientation at the beginning of the school year.
  7. All newly accepted students are on academic and conduct probation for their first year. Refer to the Parent/Student Handbook and Policy Manual for conditions of probation.

Enrollments and re-enrollments are done online with a link sent to individual emails and not found on our website. Re-enrollment requests are considered annually.


General Information:

A student is admitted to WHCA on the basis of

  • Academic records
  • Placement testing
  • Meeting with Administrator 
  • Parents and student commitment to a Christian lifestyle
  • Availability of personnel, programming, and facilities to meet student’s needs
  • Age for K4 - must be 4 and toilet-trained by January 1st
  • Age for Kindergarten - must be 5 and toilet-trained by September 1st

No student is assured admission who

  • Has been arrested
  • Has used or currently uses drugs, alcohol or tobacco
  • Has been dismissed or expelled from any other school
  • Is or has been married
  • Has run away from home or school
  • Does not want to attend WHCA (grades 7-12)
  • A parent does not want the student to attend WHCA (grades 7-12)
  • Is not a follower of Christ (grades 7-12)