“I love the small classroom size!  I raised my hand a BUNCH of times in math class, and got ALL my questions answered!”
Trevor, 6th Grade
“I like West Highland because it’s small and the student body really is like a second family to me.  I also like my Bible classes because we’re learning how to defend and apply the Bible in today’s society.”
Jackie, 11th Grade
“I love working at West Highland Christian Academy because of the Christian and family environment.  The students, families, and staff, feel like an extension of my own family.  I love how God begins our day and whether as a staff or in my classroom, we can bow our heads in prayer and ask for God’s guidance in any part of our day.
Of course I could make more money elsewhere, but the ability to help lead a child to Christ as well as strengthen my own relationship with Christ is priceless.”
Tracy D’Angelo – Kindergarten Teacher
“I enjoy learning about God and getting challenged to live my life the way God intended and this school helps me do that.  WHCA helps you strive for a better education in a great atmosphere.”
Brendon, 12th Grade
“I grew up going to a good public school.  I enrolled both my children in a good public school for 5 years.  Yet, with more and more schools closing, the classroom sizes just got to be too big.  Good teachers struggled under the burden.  We decided it was time to try something different, West Highland Christian Academy.
I NEVER knew just how UN-SAFE and UN-LOVED my children where in their prior school, until just TWO weeks at WHCA!  It has been the most wonderful change and I praise God every day for leading us here.  My children are so happy.  So very, very happy!  They are excelling academically, are not burdened with social issues, and are growing spiritually every single day!”
Kristin Allen – Parent
“I love this school because it doesn’t have any bullies.  At West Highland everybody loves you!  I also love it because I get to learn more about God every day.  I have lots of friends at WHCA!
Sydney, 3rd Grade
“I am so thankful to have been given this awesome opportunity!  This position was given to me by the Lord and I am blessed to be able to openly discuss God in an educational setting.  The amazing thing is that the students can take what God gives me to teach them into their homes and neighborhoods and be His light throughout the world.”
Clint Williams – 5th & 6th Grade
I like West Highland Christian Academy because it has helped me become closer to God with chapel and how we sing to Him, read Bible verses, talk about God, and pray to Him. This school is the best school I’ve been to with all the stuff that we do here. Everybody here is awesome, including the teachers. They make learning awesome and fun.  Everybody here is like family.
Dominic - 6th Grade
WHCA has opened many doors for me and has also opened my eyes to what it means to be a child of God. Coming to WHCA is the best decision my parents and I have ever made. I have learned many new things. In Bible class, we study God's Word and important biblical stories. Every Friday morning we have Chapel, which gives us a chance to worship and praise God for his love. WHCA is a school where you don't have to worry about students staring at you because you pray or your love for Christ. They are doing the same thing because it is a Christian school. I also enjoy the school being  K-12 because the little ones look up to you and I can be an example of living for Christ. 
Our teachers are by our side everyday. Each student has an opportunity to have individual attention and help. The teachers don't give up on us. They make sure we understand and are proficient in everything we learn. Everyday in class we learn something new and interesting. The classes are fun and always a blast! Our principal Mrs. Grimm is the most awesome principal you could ever have! Students at WHCA are very friendly, loving, and will help you every step of the way. Once you are a part of WHCA, you are a part of our family. You won't regret sending your child to West Highland. They will love you even more for sending them here!! God Bless
Sicilee - 10th Grade
“The Staff at WHCA has helped me grow in my faith in Jesus Christ.  The interesting lessons the teachers provide always show how God is involved in everything, no matter what the subject is.”
Stephen, 12th Grade
“The student body here at WHCA is like a really BIG, really weird family.  It’s awesome!”
Will, 12th Grade
Why I love teaching at WHCA:
  1. Praying with and for students is a privilege & a blessing.
  2. Giving God the authority to customize the curriculum presents the best possible learning environment for my students.
  3. Our staff, my family in Christ, are vessels through which God pours His Spirit into my life.
Jamie Nicholson – Math Dept.
“West Highland is a school that teaches the truths about God very well, and strives for that and teaching with excellence every day.”
Tanner, 11th Grade
“I like West Highland because there are smaller class sizes.  I get to learn about God in all my classes, the teachers give extra help when I need it, and it’s like a big family here!”
Julie, 11th Grade
“We are losing our children to the world's influences.  Under this onslaught our children think they can find their identity in themselves, others, or in things.  Christian education gives our children a spiritual foundation and the confidence they need to combat the constant bombardment of the world.  Christian education teaches our children that they can find their identity, fulfillment, and ultimately, joy in Christ.
I am a teacher at WHCA because I believe in Christian education and in this school.  God’s Word is THE foundation for what we teach, on a daily basis.  I love that every day I get to nurture my students both spiritually and academically, and then watch how they grow and bear fruit.  Best of all, here at WHCA we are a family; we laugh together, cry together, pray together, and worship together.”
Kylene Ollar – 1st & 2nd Grade
“West Highland Christian Academy is an amazing school.  You get to know everyone so well here, and we always have ready Christian support when we need it.  I would highly recommend anyone to check it out.”
Laura, 11th Grade
“I LOVE West Highland Christian Academy because the school is like a family.  The teachers and staff helped me become stronger in my walk with God and I have made friendships here than I know are going to last.  West Highland and the people in it will always have a huge impact on me.  I am thankful for such an incredible school.”
Kendall, 9th Grade
“West Highland has been a HUGE answer to prayer for our family.  When my oldest, now a junior, was entering Kindergarten we checked out every Christian school within a 30 mile radius.  West Highland was the most affordable and met all of our criteria.  We had limited funds but really felt God directing us to private school.  That was 11 years ago.  We now have three children enrolled at West Highland.  We have seen God’s hand at work every single one of those eleven years that we have been part of this family.  We are thankful for an affordable, wholesome, accountable, Christian education.  God is valued at this school, so is excellent academics.  We never imagined that our oldest would stay at WHCA for 12 years; we didn’t know how we would pay for it and we didn’t think he would want to stay at a small school.  We believed God has answered both of those uncertainties, He truly has provided financially in different ways every year so that we could afford to enroll our daughters as well.  Our children have been blessed with small class sizes, one on one instruction with teachers, and a safe, loving environment.  Our son has never wanted to leave and feels strongly about finishing well and graduating from West Highland.  God is doing great things at this school and we are blessed to be a part of it.  If you feel Christian education in a safe, nurturing environment is what you want for your children, but are hesitant because of the cost, I encourage you to take a step of faith and trust God to provide.  If this is where He is placing you, He will enable you to cover the cost.  He has done it for us and the peace of mind that my children are getting a good education, are being loved and encouraged in their faith is priceless.”
Brian & Andrea Packer - Parents
“Teachers care about what you think and what you do.”
James, 10th Grade
“Coffee, doughnuts, and theology equals the most awesome Bible class.”
Gunther, 11th Grade
“Christian education is one of the best values you can ever give your child, as yor child will grow not only intellectually, physically, and socially, but also grow spiritually in the Lord.  I have worked at WHCA since 1992 and I have personally seen how much the students grow during the school year in all four of these areas.  At WHCA the home, the school, and the church are three entities all working together for students to thrive and learn in a Christian environment.  Being at WHCA has enabled me to see through the years how important each one of these areas impact our students and their lives, not only while in school but throughout their lifetime.  I enjoy when former students come back to visit me and share the exciting things they are doing in the world.  It is a joy and privilege to work at WHCA and to see each year the wonderful blessings God bestows on it.”
Jean Warden – 3rd & 4th Grade