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One of the most common reasons for a child’s difficulty with reading, writing, and spelling is dyslexia. Parents and teachers may feel something is just not right with the child’s abilities in these areas, yet the child excels in other areas. Since dyslexia presents differently in many children, it often requires someone with experience to recognize its characteristics.

From the National Institute of Health

“Dyslexia is a brain-based type of learning disability that specifically impairs a person's ability to read. These individuals typically read at levels significantly lower than expected despite having normal intelligence. Although the disorder varies from person to person, common characteristics among people with dyslexia are difficulty with phonological processing (the manipulation of sounds), spelling, and/or rapid visual-verbal responding. Dyslexia can be inherited in some families, and recent studies have identified a number of genes that may predispose an individual to developing dyslexia.”


The Barton Reading & Spelling System was designed as intense intervention for students who struggle to easily and accurately decode words when reading (despite being taught phonics), who by second grade are slow and inaccurate readers (are missing the oral reading fluency benchmarks), and who have always struggled with spelling – especially when writing sentences, stories, and compositions. 

The Barton Reading & Spelling System is a structured literacy program that is Orton-Gillingham influenced. The multisensory, direct, explicit, structured and sequential intense intervention program is research and evidence-based. 


WHCA provides families who are considering engaging the services of a tutor with a great tutoring system for students of all ages who struggle with spelling, reading, and writing due to dyslexia or other reading struggles.

The Barton System is appropriate for those with or without a dyslexia diagnosis. We can screen for dyslexia and make a recommendation for tutoring. Anyone seeking to improve their reading or spelling will benefit from tutoring using the Barton system.

WHCA students receive free tutoring during their school schedule. After-school and summer tutoring is available for a small fee for students who do not attend WHCA and are diagnosed with dyslexia. Dyslexia screening is available year round for those without a diagnosis.

Our tutors are trained in the Barton Reading & Spelling System and are overseen by our Barton Certified Consultant. The school has site licenses for all ten levels of the program. All tutors are employed by West Highland Christian Academy and WHCA conducts background checks on all tutors.

Tutoring Request


  • Free Consultation
  • No Contracts, Fee-Based Convenience
  • Flexible Scheduling With The Perfect Tutor
  • Quality On-Campus Tutoring Or Online
  • Subjects Available: Barton Reading & Spelling, Math
  • Organizational Skills Tutoring Is Also Available
  • Watch Grades And Confidence Soar!


  • Individual Session – $50/hour
  • Sibling Session – $40/hour
  • Dyslexia screening – Fee varies


  • Check or cash is delivered to the school office prior to tutoring. Checks made out to WHCA can be delivered directly to the tutor only when the office is closed. 
  • Families with a FACTS account may elect to be billed.
  • Credit card payments are not accepted at this time, except through FACTS billing.


In order to avoid being charged for the scheduled tutoring session, you must cancel the session before 3:00pm on the day prior to your student's session by calling your tutor directly. If you do not call to cancel or your student is a no-show, you will be charged the full scheduled fee.

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