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Full-Time Tuition Rates for 2024-2025

K4 & Kindergarten-Half Day: $4,690
K4 & Kindergarten: $7,500
Grades 1-6: $7,600
Grades 7-8: $8,090
Grades 9-12: $8,440

Part-Time/Dual Enrolled Student (DES) Grades 7-12

1-2 class hours per week: $844 per class
3-5 class hours per week: $1,688 per class

Application Fee

A one-time $100 non-refundable application fee is due with the submission of each new student application.

Annual Enrollment Fees

An enrollment fee is due with each student enrollment (new & returning) when a student is enrolled each year.  Enrollment will not be considered complete until this enrollment fee is received, and the Online Enrollment Packet is submitted.  This fee is due prior to a student attending classes.

K4-6th Grade:  $350
7th-11th Grade:  $400
12th Grade:  $650 (additional $250 senior graduation fee)

Pay-In-Full: Full payment is made by August 20th.
Semi-Annual: 1/2 payment of tuition is made by August 20th and 1/2 payment of tuition is made by January 20th.
Monthly: A minimum of one month's tuition is due prior to a student attending classes.

Typical monthly tuition payment plans:

  • 12-Month Plan: Payments are made with first payment due by May 20th.  Payments are made every month with final payment due by April 20th.
  • 9-Month Plan: Payments are made with the first payment due by August 20th.  Payments are made every month with final payment due by April 20th.

Multiple Students: 2nd student $500 credit, 3rd student $1,000 credit, $1,500 credit for 4th and each additional student
Full Payment: 3% tuition credit when enrollment fee and tuition are paid in full by August 20th
Other Discounts: new student referral, full-time pastor, full-time missionary, full-time military, Highland Christian Preschool Center, WHCA Alumni, WHCA Staff, WHBC member

In addition to the fees noted above, most families will incur additional costs associated with attending WHCA, such as spirit wear, advanced placement testing, PSAT testing, electives/labs, school photos, hot lunch, field trips, sports, robotics, band, drama/music productions, J-Term class materials, early morning care, participation in after-school activities, banquets or socials, etc.

      We require each family to contribute a minimum of 20 hours of service each school year.  Unfulfilled service hours are billed to families in FACTS at a rate of $15 per hour (maximum of $300).  Families receiving tuition assistance are required to contribute additional hours of service.

WHCA partners with FACTS, a third-party company, to manage tuition payment plans, grant and aid assessments, and incidental billing. All families will enroll in a FACTS tuition payment plan each year and will pay an annual management fee. Payments through FACTS may be made through a transfer of funds from a bank account (no fees) or a credit card (fees apply).

When determining tuition costs and discounts, the oldest student is considered as the first paying student. Independent study courses and online courses may require a fee based on the additional cost to the school.

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