West Highland Christian Academy has six robotics teams:

  • High School - 7225 Mechatronic Mustangs
  • Middle School - 14109 WHCA Lightning Colts
  • Upper Elementary - 37215 WHCA Mighty Mustangs
  • Lower Elementary - 14414 Otter Squad
  • Lower Elementary - 13992 Epic Explorers
  • PreK & K - 102762 Starbot Blasters

2023 Season Information

2nd Place - 7225 Mechatronic Mustangs - Milford District Event - March 3-4

1st Place & Core Values Award - 37215 WHCA Mighty Mustangs - Northville Event - May 13


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Our FIRST Origin Story

WHCA began our robotics program late in 2017 after the director of FIRST in Michigan contacted our school about the FIRST Robotics Program. We knew immediately that this was a program for us and we jumped on board.

We had very little experience and even less time, but our high school team successfully built a fully-functioning and winning robot within six weeks. Between competitions, we continued to expand our bot's capabilities. At our very first district competition, we ranked 7th out of 38 and won the 2018 Highest Rookie Seed Award. We also won the 2018 Rookie Inspiration Award. At our next district event, we again won the 2018 Highest Rookie Seed Award and the 2018 Rookie All-Star Award. We qualified for and competed in the 2018 State Competition and in the 2018 Worlds Competition in Detroit.