Barton Testimonials


Our son is 11 and in the 5th grade, he has struggled with school since kindergarten. We always felt he was a bright kid who learned differently then others (including his two older sisters). However, he always loved going to school and was curious to learn. He was retained in 2nd grade at our request, and given all the support and accommodations that we all knew of (in the public school).

During his 4th grade year we saw a sudden decline in his grades, desire to go to school, his health, and his behavior. One of his physicians recommended we visit West Highland Christian Academy and meet with the Dyslexia Consultant. After a full assessment we learned our son has Dyslexia. The tutor and our son jumped into the Barton System of learning and almost immediately we saw an improvement in his behavior and desires. He has completed level 3 with the dedication of his tutor and is doing very well. He still has a long way to go to catch up with his peers, but with the Barton System and his tutor supporting him we are confident he will continue to make progress. The lessons are not only helpful for him, but they are fun and memorable. We feel truly blessed to have found and the Barton System for our son.

R. N.


Our two sons, ages 16 and 13, have been struggling with reading difficulties for all of their academic lives. Since they began tutoring about a year ago, their reading and writing has made great strides. Our oldest son remains behind his grade level, but on a modified curriculum he is getting A's in all classes because he has more self-confidence and has become willing to try harder lessons. Our youngest has improved to about 5th grade reading level and is better able to figure out unknown words. His writing is legible as long as he goes slowly. His dyslexia is very severe but he, too, is gaining confidence and after realizing this is a disability not a character flaw, he is making progress in school. At home, they both are reading directions before putting things together and can read menus and road signs. Simple changes, I suppose, but needed for normal life and changes they were not capable of before the Barton System was introduced. Thank you for all your hard work!

K. D.